Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Arab societies have had been and still are being plagued with a continuous series of turmoils, wars and conflicts; those of which had contributed to major socio-economical issues. Throughout this period the Western media has always been the most active in reporting every single major and even non-major occasion in the area.

Generally speaking the subjectivity of media viewpoints has in many times negatively controlled their reporting artifacts. The clear focus on oppression and the dark nuances of life has always been present. This strategy is often justified as being part of the human judgmental nature or media networks view ratings silent clashes. Unfortunately this has majorly contributed to having falsely preconceived ideas that were always bound to dummy stereotypes and overdone frames. This thought model is continuously being pumped into the Westerner's mentality on a daily basis. One media everlasting major subject of interest is "Women in the Arab World".

In my opinion, the Western mass media narrative has always had very low weight to a major point in comprehending the region; that is, the Arab social diversified nature. For instance the Arab woman rudimentary image according to Hollywood movies or even video games is always represented through an alienated creature who is living in the desert while wearing a long scarf, dishdash or burqa. This can explain why tourists who come to the region get into a cultural shock once they start experiencing the daily normal civilized life. The society in where I live as a reference has both a conservative and a liberal side to it. Although the conservative aspect is almost always dominantly apparent and despite the fact that certain accustomed tribal circles do still have their real manifestations of narrow minded inherited views, abuse and injustice; the overall structure does not quite look like what an outsider might think.
In fact it is very different in many ways. Women in the Arab World are in many instances every bit like in everywhere; they go to school, are educated, can have their own jobs, are beautiful, have the right to vote, can be chosen as religious leaders, and are involved in politics too.

This short iphone series takes Jordan as an "Arab World" example and aims to portray women in different places, circumstances and socially real-life contexts from an insider's point of view.